Tuesday, September 16, 2014

From a distance . . .

{KK 1301}

From a distance there is harmony
and it echos through the land
it's the voice of hope, it's the voice of peace
it's the voice of everyone

God is watching us....

Bette Midler, "From A Distance
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Just as a camera doesn't always tell the truth, the perception of things, of life and the people in
it don't always coincide with reality.

And like the side mirror on your car, just because things appear closer than they are,
doesn't make it so.

I am also over at Focusing on life today and sharing one of many lessons learned from
my front porch, and I invite you to join me here.

Have a fabulous day -
Love, Kim

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Life seeking life . . .

I have at times called myself a finder of things and a seeker of light. Sometimes I'm not sure if I'm finding things or if they are finding me, or maybe it's because on some days I have just enough courage to show up and we somehow meet in the middle.

The truth is, I don't always... have the courage to show up, that is. Sometimes showing up is just plain hard.

And about that light, it's not so much what comes from the rays of the sun or that golden hour, but what comes from His light. What I'm seeking is that light in all things. That deep spiritual connection that illuminates the path that on occassion can feel like it's traveled in the darkness.

This summer I feel like I lost my way a bit. The path just didn't feel as illuminated, not because the light wasn't there, because His always is....but because even though I looked I just couldn't see through the noise. My focus was off and my depth of field was too narrow.

I felt helpless.

I felt quiet.

I felt a little angry.

I felt a little sad.

I felt a little numb.

I was distracted.

As I mentioned in June, my sweet boy ended up in the hospital due to an abscess from a staff infection on his face. IV antibiotics and a plastic surgeon to drain it. But all that inflammation, well, it doesn't go away overnight and neither does the scarring. And after this last year and a half with his diagnosis of a rare form of juvenile arthritis, a heart scare, a bone marrow biopsy, a rare leg bleed and this . . . it's just a lot for a parent to process let alone a 17 year old.

We got home he didn't go anywhere this summer...I mean anywhere!

Not out with us,
not with friends,
not to strength and conditioning,
not to get his hair cut,
no where.

It's so very hard to watch your child try to navigate a chronic illness let alone the territory of being a teenager. It's so very hard as a mom, a parent, even if I'm not a control freak to not be able to make it better.

Yeah, that realization that I. can't. make. it. better.

Suddenly I found myself not wanting to go many places, even places that he wouldn't have gone anyway. Because it just didn't feel right for him to be home by himself.

I didn't write,
I didn't edit,
I rarely made it to my computer.

And then it happened. A couple of friends would stop by, then he went fishing and then football started. And little by little I saw glimpses of him returning to his old self. And just like that I felt my heart grow three sizes.

And yesterday, something clicked for me. I can't explain it really. I don't even know if this will make any sense. It was chapter 9, Life Seeking Life, in the book God Is at Eye Level.

I was at Starbucks...{I hadn't been inside all summer with my books and journal.} I found myself nodding my head, feeling like she had eavesdropped on my thoughts. How she is drawn into the pulse and heart beat of the world around her and to its pain and heart wrenching passions, and how she cries, in joy, at the things she witnesses.

Yes, yes, and yes.

She went on to tell the story of  a day when she was taking photographs along a wooden boardwalk when she heard what she thought were footsteps. When she finally turns to look it's a fawn that had been following her and when she reached out he put his sweet nose into her hand. By this time I'm starting to pack up because I feel a good cry coming on.

...deep breath

Here she was out looking for life and it found her! And you know what? That happened to me all summer, with the dragonflies especially. I may have been distracted by some of the noise that I probably created for myself, maybe even a roadblock, but was awake enough to witness those slivers of light. Literally, as it danced across their the stars light up the night.

Our creator places these things in our paths in hopes that we will take notice, that we will pay attention and send it back out into the world. We are to be receivers and givers. We just have to listen with our eyes and our hearts through all the clutter or we'll miss it.

Life seeking life...that totally happened from my front porch. Photography is like "home sweet home" when our hearts are aligned with spirit, present in the moment at hand, open to the wonder of it all.

Dragonfly Abstract
"The edge of light"

Hallelujah, I think I'm back!
Houston, we have a safe landing . . .

Love, Kim

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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The three S's in my summer

{KK 511}

From my front porch . . . simplicity, silence and solitude.

Simple . . . a state of mind. Not complicated, not always easy, but definitely not empty.

Silence. . . music for the soul. Not necessarily the absence of sound, but of noise that disrupts the contemplative mind.

Solitude. . . a state of being alone. Not lonely, but refreshing the mind, cultivating a relationship with oneself and nature.

Yep, the three s's were my motto for this summer when I wasn't in the crazy house taking care of caterpillar business. I've lost count, but I'm sure I've released more butterflies this summer than last. There has been more disease and predators to deal with too. My last batch of about 70 was released last week and I already see momas in the patch. The milkweed has finally gotten some serious growth but not for the amount of new eggs I see being laid.

I may also need someone to throw me a rope to climp out of the never ending photos to edit. I don't know why I do this to myself. It took me days just to cull and download photos from 3 full memory cards. But, I have photos of emerging butterflies, the pupation, and a caterpillar coming out of his egg!

I'm going to be busy . . . send chocolate! lol

We have a new theme over at Focusing on Life, where you can also find me today . . . it's going to be a fun month!

More later,

Texture Tuesday, Sweet Shot Tuesday

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Dear Friends . . .

{KK 511}

"All of us are watchers - of television, of time clocks, of traffic on the freeway - but few
are observers, everyone is looking, but not many are seeing."  - Peter M Leschak

. . .  I know I've barely been here this summer, but I have been observing many beautiful
and wondrous things from my front porch. 

In fact, I've been doing so much observing {and participating} that it has left little time
for editing...I must get busy as I have much to share, and a monarch series to continue.
The past few weeks, I've literally been knee deep, okay maybe just ankle deep, but deep 
non the less in caterpillar frass - fancy name for caterpillar poop! lol

It. has. been. a. full. time. job.

I need a sign for my front porch/sidewalk that says, "CAUTION, Caterpillar crossing!"
I've found them on my front door frame, crawling on the front porch, crossing the sidewalk,
on my pantry door, and one that pupated on the edge of my dining room table, whew.

Currently on the farm; about 45 monarch chrysalids, about another 20 something monarch caterpillars,
10 queen chrysalids, 3 black swallowtail chrysalids, 8 - one week old polydamas swallowtail caterpillars and one giant leopard moth caterpillar! 

Two a day football practice has started, the college girl goes back this weekend, and school starts
for the football boy next Monday.

That means I will be coming out of hibernation shortly thereafter . . . 

I hope you have had a wonderful, restful, fun filled summer!!

Love, Kim

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