Friday, January 14, 2011

Foto Friday

Can't believe another week has passed! But then again, it seems like an eternity since last Friday and it doesn't help that it has been cold and dreary. Speaking of Friday, it seems that this is the day that is my quietest of the week. It's a no class day, and no basketball games or cross country meets. It's also the day I have decided to designate as a date with myself day. A day that I can do whatever I want even if it's nothing at all.

Last Friday was so beautiful  - I started out meeting a dear friend for coffee, had an impromptu lunch with the hubby and then I took my camera down to the boardwalk in Kemah on Galveston Bay and just took in every detail of the day. It was a warm 70 something degree day with a slight smell of salt in the air that drifted along with the breeze. The only thing missing was the sand between my toes! I sure miss the beach right now.

Here are a couple of the pictures from last Friday:

This was taken right off the boardwalk as the boats started heading back to their docks.
I love the light as the sun sets this time of year, it has such a soft glow.

After I left the boardwalk I drove about a mile to a favorite spot where I can usually find a few birds
 and saw this lovely Snowy Egret along the side of the road. I'm just really glad it's a road off the beaten path since I stopped my car on the opposite side of the street to be able to get this picture (it's not easy shooting through the passenger window from the drivers seat). As the sun was setting there was this wonderful ethereal feel to the sunlight showing bits of down floating in the air as he preened himself.

I had one chance to capture this one. I was on the bridge to go back home and the traffic had stopped.
I quickly grabbed my camera which was in the front seat, zoomed in all the way and quickly changed
my settings to capture this silhouette. That was with one hand as traffic started moving and I needed
the other hand to steer! This is a group of cormorants and since they do not possess the waterproofing
oils of other seabirds they have to spend a lot of time drying their wings.

This is exactly why I bring my camera with me just about everywhere! We were headed to a movie last weekend and since we were running behind we decided to take in the later show. There is a restaurant right in front of the movie theatre and all these Cobra owners displayed their cars while taking a lunch break  inside. They took turns keeping watch, were happy to answer questions and shared some interesting facts. Did you know that this is a kit car - a truck pulls up to your house and unloads a couple of very large boxes full of parts made of fiberglass and steel and you get to put it together? Now doesn't that sound like fun!

This was my first paid photo shoot! This is a friends granddaughter who made the first cut of a kids media tryout and they needed a head shot for the next tryout this weekend. After a few delays they met me at our designated location with literally minutes of daylight left. The streetlights had come on and I was only able to fire off a few good shots. I thought she did a great job since it was probably only 30 degrees and she wasn't wearing a coat. Considering the circumstances and the fact that I am most comfortable shooting nature, I am very pleased with the picture. But whew, I really have a lot to learn!

So, these are a few of my favorites for the week, all for different reasons. There is one or two that I am considering for my flickr P52 project and am wondering which one you would pick and why? I need to post it by Sunday and would love to hear from you!

Love Kim


katherine said...

I'm torn between the egret and the birds on the wire. I love the intimacy and immediacy of the egret. I can see a contrast in the birds on the wire --- the birds versus refineries(?) in the background haze: nature v. industry.

Janet Bocciardi said...

Until I saw the egret one, scrolling slowly, I would've picked the sailboat. The sky almost seems unreal. However, the way the sunlight creates sort of a halo of light on the egret took my breath away.

(I bet you could get sell a few of that Cobra photo to that group! If you ever do a booth and sell cards and prints... guys would LOVE that photo.)

Dagnabbit - you're good! ; )

mosaicmom said...

Wow Kim, I love them all. And I'm glad to see your photo shoot went well. I had been wondering about it. Okay, my vote is for the Cobra photo. I love the B&W. I also like that there is one light colored car among the others. The b&w helps to show that contrast. It just really appeals to me.

Kim Stevens said...

I think maybe this week I shouldn't take so many! LOL (Like I could help it) I'm still conflicted, and I like all the pictures for the same reasons you all like the pictures you do. Hmmm.....

katherine said...

So which one did you post?

Kim Stevens said...

I posted the silhouette of the birds on the line. It was just different, spontaneous . . . it got some really nice comments from my flickr group too!

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