Sunday, January 30, 2011

Progression of a Sunrise

What can I say, I lOVE watching the sunrise. Now I understand why people throw all caution to the wind and live on the water. Yes, I did just say that. It was really quite spectacular and I wouldn't have believed the pictures had I not been there. No color correction or saturation in any of these pictures. Actually, the only thing I did to these pictures was a slight sharpening. Wish you had been there......

These are all from yesterday within a 45 minute window. The sunrise was at 7:13 and I put the time stamp with each picture so you can see the progression of time and how vastly different the first picture is from the last. It was probably the most varied sunrise I have ever seen. Enjoy!











katherine said...

shivering with goose bumps

Janet Bocciardi said...

Holy Cow! Love the progression of birds and boats in and out, too. That 3rd photo down is the color I wanted for our dining room. Got close, but nothing is better than nature!

Kim Stevens said...

It was truly spectacular! And little did I know that as I was snapping pictures the dog spilled my husbands venti coffee everywhere - and the car battery died. Thankfully there was someone else there to give us a jump.

Dorte said...

wow that is a spectacular series ... looks like a very beautiful place to watch the sunrise too :)

Kim Stevens said...

Yes, it's quite beautiful, well breathtaking. Thank you Dorte!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful and warm photos Kim!
Greetings and kisses from Croatia.

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