Friday, February 11, 2011

Foto Friday - A trail walk through Pine Gully Park

Another week and another vastly different sunrise. It makes me wonder what I miss when I'm not there...but so thankful for the opportunity to see what I can. It's hard to even imagine that there are people who live here that have never gone to watch such a beautiful spectacle.

After the sunrise I took a walk on the Great Texas Coastal Birding Trail, that took me to Galveston Bay.  I went to the end of a pier and sat against the rails and it gently swayed as the tide came in. The sun warmed my face, there was a slight breeze, and I closed my eyes and just listened to the gulls and the water and it was wonderful. It was just what I needed after a very cold week.

When I got back to the car I was inspired to write in my journal:

The sun rose over the horizon
and seagulls flew in to perch.
The water rippled and shimmered like gold
while shrimp boats left for their search.

A rooster crowed,
there was a smell of fresh pine.
Near the waters edge were deer
and a Great Blue Heron dined.

A long walk on a pier
to sit against the dock of the bay.
A slight breeze and warm sun on my face,
while the motion of the tide made in gently sway.

A cardinal,
a woodpecker,
a hovering hawk.
On this day, I had the most heavenly walk.

      I really wish I had a audio to go with these pictures. The sound is just as much a part of it as the seeing.

The sun and the reflection in the water makes it look like a candle to me.
I love how the shadows of the wood makes it look like a water color painting.

Pretty much right after I got on the trail I came across these two looking
for food together. The one with the curved orange beak is a White Ibis and the other
is a Snowy Egret. I just love the reflections in this!

This one is a Great Egret, a large white heron.

This a Great Blue Heron and had caught a fish that he could hardly
manage to swallow. He worked at for about 20 minutes.

As I was watching the Blue Heron, a group of White tailed deer appeared and this one
came down to the waters edge. Everything that morning reflected so beautifully in the water!

Not sure what kind of bird this is, but it sure it cute!

The trail was just alive with bird activity, much more than I was able to photograph
with my lenses. This one is a Red-bellied Woodpecker.

This is a little walking bridge over a small inlet of water that comes in off the bay.
 And just beyond those trees is Galveston Bay.

Just shorty after reaching the bay, there is a park with this 1000' fishing pier. I have a similar picture in a previous foto Friday, but this one just reminded me of heaven. I went and sat at the end
and just closed my eyes and enjoyed the sound of the water and the seagulls while it swayed ever
so gently.

Oh, and as I was on my walk back I could hear hawks calling back and forth and then this one flew right
over to where I was and just hovered over me. It was a little difficult to get a sharp focus since he
was moving so quickly. This one is a Red Shouldered Hawk.

Did you know that Texas is one of the top birding destinations in the world, and extremely diverse in it's species of wildlife. And that the Lone Star State was the first state in the nation to create birding and wildlife viewing trails. I encourage you to check out the trails where you live!

I'm looking forward to the warmer weekend that is forecasted. Back into the 60's, which means I'll be back on the trail again......looking for that American Alligator! Perhaps I should get myself a walking stick?

Have a fabulous weekend. Be a hunter (of photos) and shoot something (with your camera) !  ; )



Anonymous said...

Stunning photography and the song Kim! I enjoyed your post today. I wish you a nice and pleasant weekend.

Kim Stevens said...

Thank you so much and I wish you a fabulous weekend as well! ; )

mosaicmom said...

Wow, Kim - I think this is one of my favorite entries. You found all sorts of wonderful things to capture! I like how in the sunrise photos, there is a bird on every possible perch! And those two different birds together - so cool. And I'm glad that one overhead didn't leave you a gift (gotta be careful!) I also really like the one of the bird with reflection and ripple! All great! I want to check out the birding trail. I've told Gary that in our retirement, I'd like to do some serious birdwatching - you know, with the guidebook and the log and everything!

katherine said...

Outstanding! Your posts just get better and better. I envy you the richness of your surroundings as fodder for your photos. And, oh, to live by water --- the ol' Fox River just doesn't quite cut it, although I am certain you could even make it beautiful every day.

Kim Stevens said...

Thanks, I sure had so much fun last week. Never, never thought in a million years when we moved here that I would enjoy it so much. Now I dream of a little shack on the water......

And Ellen, you need to come down here for some serious birdwatching. It's just incredible the variety we have here.

SKC said...

All of these are stunning. Great work.

Janet Bocciardi said...

There are no words to express the beauty in these photos and YOUR words. Those first few look like someone took a fabulous photo and then did Japanese style painting on them. Just incredible. You must start selling your work, as I would love to buy some.

Kim Stevens said...

Thank you so much! Stay tuned I'm working on some things..... ; )

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