Saturday, February 5, 2011

Foto Friday

It's been a very, very cold week here for us on the gulf coast! Rotating power outages, ice, snow for some and wind chills that made the temps feel  like 9 degrees. But today our high is 58 and tomorrow almost 70. I just love Texas!

I was hoping that the forecasted wintry mix storm would bring with it some nice photo ops, but all we got here was enough ice to make the roads dangerous. Not at all the winter wonderland I was hoping for. So my sweet daughter agreed to let me do her hair and makeup and be my subject for foto Friday. While I am happy with how they turned out, I really have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to photographing people. And that would be why I just ordered a book on portaiture by Bryan Peterson. Wildlife, landscape and macro is where my true passion lies, but it doesn't hurt to get better in other areas. I mean, let's face it, the first time I picked up a jeweler's saw I hated it! It's now something I love . . .

Thank you, my beautiful daughter, for trusting your mom with your makeup and hair, I love you!

This was the very first one I took, and I forgot to check my white balance, which is why the picture has more of a cool tone to it.

I should also add that all of these were in window light with a 50mm lens.

  She wasn't crying, but yawning and her eye teared up. I had to make sure she didn't wipe it away as I wanted to capture it. I find it's interesting how much a photo can lie to the observer as photography isn't always about honesty, but a produced perception.

I don't know about you, but I just love a black and white photo. 
For me, you see much more than just the person. It's like looking into their soul.

I like this one . . . is shows her more curious, inquisitive side. Makes me wonder
what she was thinking.

I think this is my favorite! It's just soft, feminine and a little romantic!

I will be adding one of these to the P52 group and would be interested in which one is your favorite and why! I will be honest in saying that this was an extremely frustrating and out of the box exercise for me. She promised that we could do it again so that I could get more practice. So until next week, pick up your camera and take a picture of something. I'll be hoping for some warm weather . . .



mosaicmom said...

Great, Kim! Isn't it fun taking pics with window light> - my favorite - to do and to look at. Sweet of C to model for you. Just thinking...I wonder if in PSE you can remove the blue color cast from the first one - that is if you want to. I've been thinking about trying to shoot in RAW for that very reason. Okay - I like the last two the best, but then that B&W one is really nice. I wish I could see a bit more of her eye on that one though, although the full profile is nice. Hmm, if I HAD to choose only one, probably the next to last one, and the only reason I pick that over the last one is that I like seeing her beautiful eyes.

katherine said...

B&W is always my preference in "art" photography

mosaicmom said...

yeah, i keep getting drawn back to the B&W one too.

Kim Stevens said...

Yes, I love window light! And I think I'm going to start shooting in RAW too. I probably could have done a lot to these had I actually gone into my PSe3, just used picasa. Except for croping, I didn't have to do too much to them. I think I just need to jump into elements, I'm intimidating myself with all the technology end of it! haha

mosaicmom said...

I'm trying hard to get it right in the camera. But trying some PSE stuff to get my feet wet, and to know how to make an edit when I absolutely have to.

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