Friday, March 4, 2011

Foto Friday...Adorn Me!

So this week I have been at an art retreat called Adorn Me! in Houston. I took two night classes with Jen Cushman using resin and a day class with Diane Cook making an etched and layered brass cuff.

This first picture is of the cuff bracelet. We were all given a brass cuff that we prepared for etching and then as a resist we used black ink and rubber stamps. There is definitely a bit of trickiness to getting a clean stamp on a curved bracelet! After the cuffs went through the etching process and they were cleaned and patinaed it was time for some embellishments. So using a metal hole punch and some nuts and bolts we attached stuff to our bracelets. I still have some embellishing to do on mine as it still needs just a bit of bling. Diane is such a sweet person, and fabulous instructor and I enjoyed very much the opportunity to take this class from her. 

The other two night classes were with Jen Cushman using resin applications. The first night we made some paper collages and coated them with ICE resin®. It gives some of the papers a beautiful translucence and they become waterproof. The paper can still be torn or cut and they are still very pliable. I took some of my own photographs to collage with and became very excited at the possibilities! Jen just radiates enthusiasm in helping others with the creative process. Here are some of the pages....

And this one shows the ring and the page I used for it. We made a ring band out of nickel silver and I gave mine a texture using a rivet hammer. I still need to tweak this too! What you can't see is the long bolt still sticking out. In order to get a really good connection I need to take everything off and flatten the top some more so the nut will fit securely.

But I do have a few more pictures other than those from my classes. I needed to get out yesterday for some fresh air after being inside in classes. And going to the nursery seems to help me regain my center. Not only are they loaded with new shipments of flowers that are beautiful, but it's also intoxicating for one's nose.

                       I was able to capture this Monarch that landed right in front of me.

This is one of the things that I love about Maas Nursery. It's not a chain, and they live on site so everywhere you turn there are wonderful surprises. They had so much damage from hurricane Ike since they are less than a half a mile from Galveston Bay if that. Instead of taking out the trees that fell they have left them where they landed and work around it. Love it! I guess I need to take some pictures of those next time.

         This is probably one of the most beautiful colors of hibiscus I have ever seen. It literally glowed!

                                And it wouldn't be a trip to Maas without a picture of the gate!!

 I'm packing up my supplies to head out to Adorn Me! once again. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend full of creativity!

Love, Kim


Anonymous said...

Woow... great shots, colors, decoration,ring...!!!
I love them!
Kisses and happy weekend dear.

katherine said...

Great shots. Fabulous inspiration, too.

mosaicmom said...

Hi Kim, It's neat to see the new jewelry techniques you're learning. And the resin is cool! Love, love the picture of the gate!

Janet Bocciardi said...

Those classes look like they were really fun. The cuff is fabulous! Very interesting about the resin and imagine you'll be creating much more with that and your photos. Can't wait to see more!

That hibiscus looks like it would light up a driveway at night. It almost hurts the eyes if you look at it too long. : )

Leslie Todd said...

Kim, your cuff is gorgeous! I love the pages you did, especially the birds. You certainly have a gift for photography. I haven't seen any monarchs in north Texas yet, maybe they are still headed this way.

Kim Stevens said...

Thank you!

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