Tuesday, March 15, 2011

She has paint on her walls...

She is an artist, a painter, with paint on her walls.
She paints the most beautiful things
and ever since I've seen one of her paintings in person
I have wanted one. I'm just not sure what it is I would have her paint for me.

I met her at our church home before we moved 
from the Dallas area.
And just recently through another blogger friend
discovered that she had a blog.

I always look forward to what she has to share,
and want to share that with you.
A dedicated and faithful servant
who glorifies God
and blesses all those who view her art.

 Here are just a few of my favorites:

Fire Tree
Acrylic collage on canvas
By Cheryl White
12" x 12"

In this one she actually used dried up acrylic paint that she found when she cleaned up her studio.
Some of it she scraped off of her easel! (love it)

Three Trees at Night
Acrylic collage on canvas
by Cheryl White
9" x 12"

This one was inspired by the architecture of Anotnio Guadi in Barcelona Spain.
I love the boldness of the painting and the colors.

For His Glory
by Cheryl White
Acrylic on canvas 17" x 22"
First Place, Denton State Fair 2006
Division C, Acrylic Media

And this one, a painted rendition of Matthew 14:13-21
where Jesus feeds 5,000 people from 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish.
The twelve disciples are all holding up baskets of food left over!
For me it's a reminder of how God has always provided in my family's time of need.

Loaves and Fishes on Green
by Cheryl White
Acrylic on canvas 48" x 36"

So stop by and visit Cheryl at her blog here.

Have a great day!
Love, Kim


paintonmywalls said...

Hooray! Thanks so much Kim! So encouraging. I'll keep painting and you keep taking those beautiful pics! Cheryl

mosaicmom said...

The loaves and fishes has always been a fave of mine. One day we will have a Cheryl White on our wall! Love her paintings, love her!

Kim Stevens said...

Cheryl, thank you and you're so welcome! Someday I hope to have one on my wall too!

Janet Bocciardi said...

How did I miss this one?! The joyfulness in her paintings made me smile.

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