Friday, April 22, 2011

Foto Friday - A walk, some reflection and a vine called Passion Flower

As tired and exhausted as I have been lately, I needed to take a walk. To walk somewhere that was peaceful, quiet, and where I could reflect on my thoughts.

As I walked I thought about the journey that Jesus took to the cross. What did he see? What did he think about? I thought about how he freely offered his life for ours. How he died in our place on the cross taking our past, present and future sins upon himself. He paid the ultimate price for you and me and he could have saved himself, but endured this suffering because of His love for us.

For this, I am very thankful.

My walk began on a coastal birding trail leading to Pine Gully Park diverse in marsh areas, estuaries and restored wetland. In most areas there are trails on both sides of the marshes where you can cross from one side to the other by an iron bridge. This is the view from one side of the bridge:

Since this area is only about a mile from Galveston Bay the water levels will vary according to the tides. There is an American alligator that lives here, but I have yet to have seen it. And as diverse in nature that it is, I could only hear that which was around me. Everything seemed to be quite elusive on this morning.

That is until I came across this gorgeous dragonfly! He seemed quite happy to have his picture taken, appearing at times to be posing. I could swear that he's smiling in this one!

This dragonfly is a skimmer called Halloween Pennant.

I love the way the light reflected off this grass.

After my walk and a quick lunch with my man I headed over to Bay Area Design in search of some flowers for my garden and to specifically take some pictures of the Passion Flower Vine. The smell alone will capture your heart much less its beauty! But even more interesting is how it got its name.

Spanish Christian missionaries in the 15th and16th centuries named it the passion flower because they believed it symbolized the suffering or "passion" of Christ and his death.

The five petals and 5 sepals which on the passion flower look almost the same, represent the disciples who remained faithful, leaving out Judas the betrayer and Peter the denier. The double row of filaments or Corona was thought of as the crown of thorns Jesus wore. The three stigmas at the very top represent the three nails and the five stamen underneath those, his wounds.

They also noted that the flowers are spent after a single day, the time Jesus was on the cross. And the petals do not drop from the flower but re-close symbolizing Jesus enclosed in the tomb.

Anything that wants to delight in this flowers nectar must work extra hard to get it.

I couldn't resist this beautiful pink zinnia...

One of the things I love about Bay Area Design aside from the flowers and the wonderful people
 who work there is all of their fountains! Not only are they beautiful, but the sound of trickling water is just, well, mesmerizing and very relaxing.

I love how the background in this one turned out - like a watercolor.

I could just spend all day here, flowers, fountains, wildlife - who could ask for more?
(Hmmm, one in my yard would be nice) : )

I hope your weekend includes a walk, some reflection and a little passion flower.

Have a blessed weekend!

Love, Kim


Anonymous said...

Great shots dear Kim!
Happy Easter to you and your family.

Kim Stevens said...

Oh hi Zondra, and the same to you! hugs

katherine said...

Beautiful, Kim. That creature in the passion flower looks like it is praying.

Kim Stevens said...

It surely does Katherine, and I meant to mention that - Thank you!

Emilee said...

As always, gorgeous pictures, Kim!!

Anonymous said...

Kim--those pictures-wow--I have never seen a passion flower-I will have to go on a search now--but here--sadness--still cold...yes, still. Can't complain--spring will come-I just don't want to miss it!

That dragon fly photo is so amazing! I can't wait for shooting outside! Maybe I should move:)
Have a wonderful Easter weekend as we celebrate--it's Friday--but Sunday's comin'!

mosaicmom said...

Wow Kim, love them all! The passion flower has been a favorite of mine since I was a teen. When I lived in California, I lived in my parents' guest house and it had a passion flower vine covering the balcony railing. So beautiful, but it wasn't best on that particular railing because it was right by the entry, and it was always heavily covered in bees! So did you get anything there today? We're looking for a fountain. I would love to go there!

mosaicmom said...

I love the last photo too - looks like crystal beads hanging down!

Kim Stevens said...

Just got a few flowers that I will plant, and then I'll go back for more..... ( I got cleome/spider flower and angelonia)

Janet Bocciardi said...

Those drips in that last photo are mesmerizing! One of our neighbors in CA makes an amazing lemononade combined with the fruit that the passion flower becomes: passion fruit. Have you tried it?

That dragonfly is smiling or else gritting his teeth and mumbling "would you take the photo already!"

Happy Easter dear friend.

Shirley said...

Wow, Kim you are such a talented artist. Thank you so much for the history of the passion flower. My kids are always asking me how something got it's least I'll have an answer for this one. :) Love the dragonfly, his coloring is stunning. Here on the coast, we have awesome pink and purple ones.
Have a blessed Easter!

SKC said...

Gorgeous images. The dragonfly shots are awesome.

Anonymous said...

I've just browsed through all your lovely photos! they are just soo great! the great thing about link ups is along the way you get to "meet" new blogger friends... some of your pics made me miss texas!

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