Friday, June 10, 2011

Foto Friday - Keeping boundaries

It's something we use as a barrier
to mark a boundary
or prevent an entrance 
We use them to separate 
one thing from another 
and to establish possession 
It's used for privacy 
and sometimes just to enhance the appearance 
of a garden 
Security and safety are good reasons 
to use these 
to keep children and pets from wandering 
and to prevent trespassing or theft 
We build these around ourselves 
to keep out that which we fear might hurt us 
Often we find things growing on them
or being used for support
They are not impassable 
and sometimes we jump them 
At times we build them to keep us from something that is not there 
and yet sometimes they are not restrictive enough 
We need them physically to keep us from harm
and spiritually to keep us from sin 
and we should always keep them mended 
We often sit on them because we cannot commit ourselves 
But one thing is for certain 
because life is lived in a forward motion it cannot be lived upon one . . . 
. . . a fence.
                                             - kim

Fear is the highest fence - Dudley Nichols

 Grapes, needing the support of a fence....

And things with wings that are not effected by the boundaries of fences...

Fences that are needed to keep boundaries for the sake of safety.

This cute little puppy came to investigate after she realized I was there and is
using the fence to get a closer look. If you look closely in her eye on the right you can see
the reflection of the fence and a dark figure at the top of it, that is me.

Who doesn't love a white picket fence and especially one with decorative finials and a border of roses.

And some are used to prevent movement across a boundary . . .

Then there are outdoor rooms, sanctuaries, created by them...

Things can be displayed on them . . .

While some take comfort on the other side of them . . .

And some are old, but decorative and used to enhance a garden . . .

As I was going through my photos from this week, noticing the theme of fences it made me think about how it's somewhat comforting to have a certain amount of boundaries in my life just as long as they don't cut me off from the rest of the world. Which is certainly different than the feeling of being fenced in because of too many. Boundaries to keep me safe and those that keep me from doing the things I shouldn't. It made me think about how I have unnecessarily put up fences along the way and even some without gates that neither allows an entrance or an exit, and how I'm learning to jump them despite it. Sometimes I can even tend towards being a fence sitter in my indecisiveness created out of fear,  but have learned much about the importance of forward motion even though I may be stumbling.

Have a great weekend, and let's help each other remember
that if we must at times sit on the fence,
we can't do it for long because life is passing by.

Love, Kim


mosaicmom said...

Kim, I love this theme!! How fun, and of course, as usual, beautiful photos to illustrate the theme. I love the one of the picket fence with red finials.

PS said...


Anonymous said...

Amazing photos Kim!
Have a nice weekend:)

andi said...

wow, i love the pictures and the theme and how they go together so well! you are really talented~ thanks so much for linking up today, friend :)

Dreaming Hollow Photography said...

These photos are awesome! Beautiful colors, sharp,love!

Teachinfourth said...

G R E A T images! I followed your link from The Coffee Shop and I'm glad that I did.

Wonderful color and composition.

Kim Stevens said...

Thank you so much!

SKC said...

Beautiful set of images.

Anonymous said...

Good afternoon Kim,
Your photo's were awesome each one telling a story! I loved your poem.. the rawness of the emotion was very revealing! I don't want to be fenced in from creativity..but set boundaries are important..It's the times I sit on the fence I get in the most trouble!
Take care,
Have a super week!

Leslie Todd said...

Terrific photo journal! I especially the fence photos and bird. I can rarely manage a bird shot. They have a habit of flying away...

L said...

Beautiful Kim...yes, we all have our fences. Some we have built ourselves to make our gardens....yards to look pretty, and then there are the fences we have built for ourselves to protect ourselves from our fears. Yet, there are some that others have built for us without a gate...thank goodness for friends that have their hand stretched out to help us over. Thank you Kim, for your hand.

Kim Stevens said...

Thank you! And Lois I would carry you over if I had too, Love ya!!

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