Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Metals class . . . it starts without me!

The fall semester of my metals class is starting back up again today, but sadly I won't be joining them.  I have another commitment that I need to see through, but will join back up again with the spring semester. I have been very fortunate to learn under an incredible artist and instructor, Diane Falkenhagen. You absolutely must check out her work here. The piece "After Canova's Paolina" that appears on the home page of her website is carved from corian and is one that we got to see in the different stages of its completion. Her work is stunning!!

I remember when I first started this class several semesters ago, it was my very first experience with a jewelers saw, and after first starting with metal clay that you can roll, stamp and sculpt with your hands, it felt quite odd and very frustrating to be tediously sawing out of sheet metal. I thought for sure I would not be returning for another semester. But, hesitantly I did.

It was this next project where I finally started becoming one with the saw, we were at last beginning to become friends. The assignment was to make a layered narrative piece with various metals or materials and it had to include rivets. I chose this design, which is one that I originally meant as a project for metal clay but instead broke it down into 3 layers.

Nature has been an integral part of my soul ever since I can remember, and as a very young girl my favorite quote was, "There is always music amongst the trees in the garden, but our hearts must be very quiet to hear it," by Minnie Aumonier. This quote begged to be included in this piece . . .

  • Top layer is copper in a rich dark brown patina and in the shape of a birdhouse
  • Second layer, a tree, is brass and represents where the birds are making music
  • The third layer is an eggshell finish on copper with blue resin on the front and the above saying etched on the back -it's representative of a birds egg.

The entire piece is then riveted together with sterling silver wire and has a textured brass bail 
that allows for movement.

Last spring I tried enameling for the first time. Can you say LOVE! I drew my flower shapes and cut them out of paper to use as a template to saw them out. Our class is very limited with the enameling colors we have so this project has been put on the back burner until I can purchase some enameling supplies for home . . . soon, I hope very soon! (honey, if you're reading this - hint, hint)

One of my class buddies doing some filing of her project.

And my very best class buddy working on a ring.


More class students working . . .


At the solder station . . .

This is a picture of silver that has reached its melting temperature and is being used in a process called lost wax casting. 

Well, since I can't be at my metals class today I think I'll just go to the beach!!

Have a great day!

Love, Kim


Janet Bocciardi said...

I know you're disappointed in not continuing this Fall, but you'll be gathering ideas for Spring, right?!

Your pendant is beautiful. It looks like a church window to me. I need to practice my riveting as I really do like the look of the rivets and the layering.

Have fun at the beach!

Leslie Todd said...

Your pendant is so detailed and lovely. Where were you taking the classes?

TesoriTrovati said...

Goodness! That is so rich and meaningful Kim! I would love, LOVE to take metals classes like this. Alas, there is no such thing anywhere around. I continue to try to teach myself things, but to be surrounded by fine folks all digging deep into their creative wells would be a dream! I hope you can get back to it!
Enjoy the day!

mosaicmom said...

Hey there Kim. Bummer that you can't take the class. You're just so involved with so many things. I think it's cool that you have so many interests and love to try new things. But you will be creating all the time, in some form, despite not being in the class for now. And I LOVE the photo of the lady with the torch.

Vickie Hallmark said...

I'm sorry you're missing this one semester, but even sorrier that I'm missing the entire thing! I absolutely adore Diane Falkenhagen's work!!!!! Can I commute?

Kim Stevens said...

Thanks! And yes Vickie her work is fabulous, come on down!! ; )

(The class is at Alvin Community College)

Anonymous said...

Love your pendant! For me, working with your hands like this is soooo theraputic! Thanks for sharing:)

Pretty Things said...

I'm so sorry you're disappointed. And I'm so impressed with everything! I know how to metalsmith but haven't done anything since my two sessions. Where's the time?

Marvett Smith said...

That is amazing work! You have so many talents!

Rosemary Aubut said...

Gorgeous work love it!

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