Friday, September 16, 2011

Foto Friday - A still moment in a busy life . . . and received blessings

I went to bed the night before last night thinking to myself, self how can tomorrow be Thursday already?
I was thinking, which sometimes can get me in trouble when I'm trying to sleep, that I'm having
a bit of an inspiration problem.  
Don't get me wrong, inspiration is everywhere and at every turn.
It's just that I've been too busy to be still....and still is where my soul finds its wings
and where my mind stops thinking and just is. 

So the other night I prayed that in the busyness of my now that I wouldn't miss any of God's blessings
because I wasn't being still enough to notice. Sometimes I wonder how many blessings I miss because I either didn't recognize it or because I was too busy to take notice? I have wondered that more lately . . .
So my first stop was the water, and the one place where I can always count on the busyness of life to be drowned out by the sounds of the ocean and replaced with stillness and gratitude. I felt an instant calm come in with the breeze.

John 1:16
From the fullness of His grace we have all received one blessing after another.

Although I had missed the sunrise by about 40 minutes there was a beautiful glow and I even managed to capture a little starburst in the sun. Just as I was about to get in the car to head down the road to one of my favorite birding trails I caught a glimpse of two fishermen in a boat which then led me to this guy who was reeling something in.

Of course I had to run over and check it out. And check it out indeed he got himself a flounder.
Do you see both of this eyes on this side - strange huh? I guess they start out having one eye on either side
and as they mature the eye makes its way to the top side.

It was a keeper, and time to re-load the hook . . . he showed me where to hook the shrimp right under their horn -yep they have a sharp horn on top of their head!

Not more than 5 minutes later . . . a sand trout, but he was too small and back he went.

A big thanks to John for letting me hang out and ask questions and invade his space.
Next up, the coastal birding trail. But, I didn't make it very far. In fact, I didn't make it any farther than the
butterfly garden. I did see about three butterflies and they were all camera shy. There is a garden club
that volunteers to tend to the garden and considering our drought it's looking pretty good.  


I have to say that I think I was more captivated by the water drops than any of the flowers and
quickly changed my lens to my 40mm macro. The way they reflect the light and cast shadows are beautiful.

(Linking this with LaLa's Home Daycare photo friday- theme is pattern and
favorite photo of the week with Through a Photographers eye)

And then . . . I spied two anoles chasing each other. When I finally found where one of them landed I quickly in a slow stalking manner made my way over and I'm so glad that I still had on my macro lens. Now if you know anything about these lizards it's that they are skittish and with any quick movement they are outta sight.
This is where patience is a virtue when it comes to nature. I finally got myself positioned so that I could slowly bend down, because with this lens you have to be ultra close (like almost nose to nose) in order to come close to filling the frame. You can see here that she is watching my every move.

At this point I'm just so thrilled to be getting some shots and can't believe with the lens a mere three inches
from her that she is still there. She was on a low plant about 18" tall and staying bent over that far is tricky and to stay steady even trickier. I decided to take my chances and move all the way around to another side which required going completely around a very large bush. Whew, she was still there but I had to start my descent again very slowly! ha ha  This time I was in a much better position and given that I was already so close, I decided to take my chances once again  . . .

Do you see that! Holy cow batman, that is my hand. I was able to slip my hand under the leaf that she was on without her getting startled. You're probably wondering why I keep calling it a her - the females have a small pattern that goes down the middle of their back. Right after I got my hand under the leaf, she turned to her right and was checking things out on that side.

I very slowly lifted my index finger towards her and she put both of her feet on my finger! At this point I'm about to pee my pants I'm so excited, and trying to keep my cool and snap pictures with a macro lens one handed all while staying steady!! The next thing I knew as I extended my hand a bit more she was completely on my hand. I started to very slowly stand up . . .

Here you can get a good look at the pattern that goes down her back.
They will turn brown when they are stressed and the whole time she stayed green.
Not a fleck of brown.
Not one!

There were even several times when she licked me! Ha ha  I'd like to think it was a kiss! ; )

At this point I decided to put the camera down, of course very slowly. I'm thinking that I have taken plenty of pictures and now I just want to relish in this moment. A beautiful moment when one of God's creatures trusted me enough  . . . and then the tears just flowed.  I'm not exactly sure what overcame me but the emotion was intense, and raw. Ever since I was a child I fantasized about being able to talk with the animals, just like Dr. Doolittle.  

After we parted ways and before the hubby called me to meet him for lunch I wandered down the path a bit.
And I came across Jo enjoying her moment of stillness watching the deer crossing the path. I shared with her my moment and cried again!

Doesn't she have the loveliest smile.

This last photo I took earlier in the week and thought since I started with a sunrise that
I would finish with a sunset. The neighborhood next to us has an open field where the cattle graze. The sky that evening was the most beautiful shade of pink! From the time I left my house and arrived to get this photo the sun had almost disappeared and there was no time for my tripod. So the light isn't exactly the way I wanted but I like it.

Linking this one with LEM and the theme is light or lighting.

I know there are plenty who love being busy and get bored when there is not always something going on. I however am not one of those people. I love doing things, but I need down time. I need to be still  not only so that I can recognize my blessings but so that I may also truly receive them.
Because of Gods grace we continue to receive one blessing after another even when we are not deserving.
That is not a gift I want to give up lightly.

Have a wonderful weekend and many blessings!
Love, Kim


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andi said...

yet again, another week, another round of Beautiful pictures!, and another inspiring reflection on life. thanks for reminding us to be still and look for God's glory and beauty! thanks for linking up, friend!


Lori said...

What a great post! And lovely photos.
Thanks for sharing,

Stephani said...

What amazing caputures! Such a great post!

mosaicmom said...

Really cool foto friday, Kim! As I was scrolling down, I loved the sand trout shot, but then, the anole!!! oh my gosh, you are like the anole whisperer or something. and i'm really impressed with your macro shots. great focus! sounds like a wonderful day.

Amanda said...

What a beautiful post. I have never seen a flounder in real life. They're much uglier than I assumed! I absolutely love that God gave you that little moment with that little green gal. I'm positive that it was Him giving you a chance to be STILL (or almost still since you had to move REALLY slowly) and reap the rewards. That's awesome! He knows what you need. :)

Marvett Smith said...

I love your beautiful images! That first one is my fav!

Anonymous said...

Incredible photos!

geetlee said...

beautiful post! How lucky to make friends with such a beautiful lizard! :)

Emily said...

Lovely photos! The water droplet photos are stunning with such detail. And the lizard photos are just cool :o)! I agree with you about finding those moments of stillness and calm to center myself. Thank you for sharing!

Kathy said...

Seriously????!!!!???? These are just incredible! But my fav is the capture of the lizard from the legs down on the leaf. Such creative composition. And the texture of the skin. I feel as if I could touch it....haha, not that I'd WANT to or anything (they scare me!). Great job. -- Kathy

deb duty said...

Looks like you had a lot of wonderful times with your camera this week! Really stunning photography. I always enjoy your blog! So many great shots, but I think I like the lizard photos best.

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