Thursday, October 13, 2011

Gratitude . . .

Gratitude is the fairest blossom which springs from the heart.

- Henry Ward Beecher

And my heart overflows with gratitude . . .


. . .  It overflows because I am grateful for the amazing people who share snippets of their lives
through blogging. I am grateful that because of this I am blessed by the different perspectives and the different seasons each of us walks in our lives and I am inspired by them. 
And so, I might have been found skipping with joy when I read that two of those very same people
nominated my blog for The Versatile Blogger and One Lovely Blog awards.
Did I say huge, I meant gigantic! Be sure to check them out, really!

This probably would have been the dreamy field I skipped through, you know in slow
motion just like in the movies.

{linked with This and That Thursday and Wild Ginger Photography (fall or autumn)}

And speaking of movies, I'm glad there was no red carpet to walk down to accept this award
because I don't have a thing to wear!!  (But Kathy, I'm sure you could help me with that!) ; )

There are a few stipulations to this award:

** Thank the blogger who awarded me and link back to their blog
** Share 7 interesting things about myself so you get to know me better
** Nominate 15 blogs you feel deserve the award

7 Things about me:

1. I haven't a clue what I want to be when I grow up, but hey half the fun is trying to figure it out.

2. I really, really like cheeto balls!

3. At one time I had 8 birds ( 5 parakeets, a love bird, a cockatiel, a mustache parakeet) and a corn snake.
    My neighbor who at the time was my daughter's 4th grade teacher asked me to share my snake and a 
    few birds with each of the eight 4th grades for one of their science units. It was entirely too much fun and 
    much to my surprise when I received a boat load of thank yous from the kids I had them asking me 
    about my snake, how much and what they needed to have one (mostly girls). I'm sure I wasn't popular
    with the moms! ha

4.  I LOVE pink!! In fact, one day two years ago I decided on a whim to get pink highlights and have had
     them ever since. 

5. I am a storm spotter for the National Weather Service in the county we live in. Now, this shouldn't be
    confused with a storm chaser - that would make me crazy! (or just crazier)

6. I hear this a lot from strangers: Don't I know you?  You look just like someone I know.
    (Yes Janet, we are twinkies)

7. Okay, and last but not least my great grandfather x8, Sir John Mildenhall (English), is a descendant of
    Warinus de la Strode a french knight who accompanied William the Conqueror in 1066 in the conquest of
    England. He was a crossbowman and participated in the Battle of Hastings and was later knighted by
    King William. Oh, it's almost hard to stop here but I'll have to leave the rest for another time. Have you
    checked your ancestry lately? 

Since I have been blogging for less than a year I'm going to give you the blogs that most inspire me
and all of them are for different reasons, but they are the ones I rarely miss, unless by accident.

Of course participating in this post is voluntary but what a great way to learn more about the people we share a little of our world with and it's a great way to let those who inspire us know that what they do makes a difference.

Love, Kim


Saun said...

Love your autumn pic :)

mosaicmom said...

I love the pic of the rose. It looks like there is light actually WITHIN the rose!

PS said...

I love your grass. That sounds a little weird as I write it.

Sara said...

Congratulations Kim! Love the rose, the light is beautiful, and I love your field so beautiful and relaxing.

Kathryn Dyche Dechairo said...

I love learning more about my blogging friends. You have some great 'random facts'. Thanks so much for the nomination, I really enjoy visiting and reading your blog too. Hugs. x

deb duty said...

Both of these photos are just glowing with beautiful light! I enjoyed reading about you! The pink highlights sound fun! Your ancestry is amazing! That's so interesting that you can trace it back so far.

Thank you for choosing my blog.

mamaof2gymnasts said...

Congratulations on your awards!!! Your photos are quite lovely. I love the lighting in the field.

Marvett Smith said...

I love that second image! So very beautiful and the light is amazing! Thank you so much for your kind words Kim. I have loved getting to know you better and I love visiting your blog and being inspired by your gorgeous work. What a talented person you are. Thank you for choosing my blog as something that inspires you. I am more than honored. :)

geetlee said...

Congratulations on the blog award, beautiful pics too :)
have a great weekend!

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