Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ten Truths . . .

In my "Beyond Layers" class with Kim Klassen
she shared ten truths about herself and invited us to join in and get to know each other better.

  1. I've been having a torrid love affair...with the beach. It's the place that knows my secrets and holds my heart.
  2. I love Cheeto balls, and diet coke. (oh and the seagulls love Cheetos too)
  3. The color Pink . . . I love it! Over 2 years ago, on a whim I got pink highlights for breast cancer awareness and haven't looked back.
  4. I could probably write a book on the stories that complete strangers have shared with me. And it's why I believe that truth is stranger than fiction.
  5. I wish I could either sing or play an instrument - well both would be nice. 
  6. I'm allergic to spiders. . .  I love to garden. . . Houston we have a problem? LOL
  7. Hi my name is Kim. . . .I am addicted to exploring life with my camera! I have always been a nature  lover, but I'm now obsessed with capturing anything and everything I may have missed.
  8. Once upon a time I had eight birds and a snake, and when my daughter was in the fourth grade I took 3 of my birds and the snake to all eight fourth grade classes. I had . .  the time of my life!!
  9. To expand on #8, a dream of mine has always been to have a mini zoo of reptiles and such to help educate children on the wonders of nature. P.S. And snakes aren't slimy! ; )
  10. I have held a tarantula (remember #6). It was at a birthday party my son went to when he was younger and I was the only adult at the table of critters elbowing waiting for my turn, ha! It was very cool!
  11. I hope I never grow up!!
Ummm, yes I'm a bit of a nature geek! 
I would love to know more about you so if you feel inspired to share a truth I would love to hear it! 

Happy Tuesday!
Love, Kim

beyondlayers Sweet Shot Day


TesoriTrovati said...

Oh! You know I love me some simple truths!

1. I am addicted to coffee. And flavored creamers.

2. I do not believe it is a good day unless I have learned something new.

3. I have never ridden a horse, but I would love to.

4. My secret wish is to travel around the world. Guess I would need to get a passport for that!

5. I never balance my checkbook. In fact I don't even keep a running total. But I do keep track of all my checks and deposits. Sad, I know.

6. I love to eat grapefruit in sections like peeling an orange. And absolutely no sugar!

7. I am married to my high school sweetheart. I never thought that would happen. But it has been the most wonderful almost 20 years of my life.

8. I only take pictures of jewelry on my camera, rarely people. Must rectify that situation.

9. I am addicted to all my blogs that I follow. I cannot get enough. I love making new friends, like you Miss Kim, and keeping up with you.

10. I have no less than 7 lipsticks in my purse at any one time.

That was fun! Thanks for letting me share this extremely random list!
Enjoy the day!

Kristy LifenReflection said...

Love the shadows and light.

Cindy said...

I do love the sea gull shadows in the watery sand! And such a fun 10 truths! Thanks for coming over to my blog!

Becs said...

Great photo and love your list, thank you for sharing. How cool to have pink highlights. :)

Kathy said...

Oh my...I LOVE the crystal clear reflections of those birds in the surf! And I think they look like they might be searching for errant Cheetoh Balls :). Great list Kim...I was working on mine today and think I'll post it tomorrow. Like the blogging world doesn't know ENOUGH about me! haha

Sall's Country Life said...

I've enjoyed my visit to your blog! I can totally understand your love affair with the beach (and the cheetos) Your photography is amazing and it looks like your life is blessed with talent, kids, and a sense of humor! Have a terrific day!

Branson said...

Enjoyed reading these, Kim! And I love that photo! I wish I could have a regular love affair with the beach ;)

Susan said...

Well this was fun. Love the picture too.

Pat said...

Lovely reflections!

lisa said...

Oh Kim, this photograph is just beautiful, and what fun reading your 10+1 truths!!

Ok, to keep this short, and "taking off" on one of yours... I have parrots, most of which are rescues. I once took them to my son's classes for a Show and Tell day. The birds loved it, the kids loved it, but I think (I know!) the teachers were traumatized.

Thank you so very much for sharing with us this week at The Creative Exchange.

Have a wonderful evening!

lisa. xo

Nadege, said...

A lovely image with wonderful reflections on the wet sand.
Love the quote.

Working on my own list.

Laura said...

so pretty!

Tatjana Parkacheva said...

Wonderful photography.

Regards and best wishes

Linda R said...

I have to say I have the same Love for the beach.. I think thats because I live in the desert. I keep saying one day I will move out of the desert and close to the ocean.. We will see.. Your photo looks amazing..

Kathryn Dyche Dechairo said...

Love the image Kim. Thanks for inspiring me to finally get round to finishing my random facts post. Interesting that we're both allergic to spiders!

Susan and Duchess said...

Kim, you lucky girl. You get to spend time on the beach and with Cheetos and seagulls to boot. My husband and I were in Florida a few years ago, and we had the Cheetos experience too:) I got some great shots while throwing some up in the air to the seagulls. Oh, one more thing, strangers have a way of telling me their stories too. I always said I could write a book on some of what I've heard. I lied, one more thing again, love your image of the shorebirds and the quote. Enjoy your beach life.

Liz said...

Awesome image & a great quote! You and I both have a love of great quotes I believe.

I have chosen your blog for the Liebster Award. Please check out the post below which explains about it and then pass it on to other bloggers you feel deserve it :)


Nancy Claeys said...

Great photo, quote and love learning more about you, Kim. :)

sarayutouched said...

i am so loving everyone's lists. thanks for sharing!!!

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