Saturday, September 15, 2012

A little stroll . . .

"There is an art to wandering. If I have a destination,
a plan - an objective - I've lost the ability to find serendipity.
I've become too focused, too-single-minded.
I am on a quest, not a ramble.
I search for the Holy Grail of particularity,
and miss the chalice freely offered, filled full to overflowing.

- Cathy Johnson, On Becoming Lost

Oh how I love this quote! You know wandering IS one of my favorite things to do, but sometimes
time doesn't allow (or my budget) to wander to some of the places I would really love to visit.
But that's okay, because if I could never go to another place, I would, be quite content to just wander
the 8 acres of my favorite place, Maas Nursery. It sits just along Galveston Bay and borders the
coastal birding trail I like to visit, a two for one!

It's where I went last weekend in a quest to quiet my mind from the busy week. And it seems fall is
just as busy a time as spring for all the bees, who were in abundance gathering their stores for the
cooler weather . . . if we ever get any.

This bee took off right as I was snapping the picture, but there is something about the perspective of this
that I really liked.

There were tables upon tables of beautiful pink Dianthus....

And morning glory vines blooming. And then I heard it,  this little sound,
that is very distiguishable and matches its sweet owner . . .

{Flower art Friday}

 . . .  and then I saw it - he flew down from the tall Oak trees to perch on this wire above the table
that held the Flame Acanthus.

And then down for a little treat, but I'm not sure who it was sweeter for, him or me!

Okay, I think it was me . . .

No, I'm sure it was me!! You know, these little gems are soooo fast, and it was almost dusk and the light
was fading, so I had to really bump my ISO just to get a half-way decent speed.

{Photograph life}

And this week at Pixel Dust, Bonnie asked us to use the prompt to compose a seven word sentence that describes your life or experience or process as an artist (be it photographer, painter, mixed media artist, digital artists, whatever...) and marry your sentence to a piece of photo art that somehow illustrates your sententce. 

And this is what I came up with . . . finding Bonnie's blog, and her link up of photo art opened up my world
to a whole new meaning of creating and she generously shares free textures for us to use in our creations. As usual I waited til that last minute to create this, and not sure I'm completely happy with it. But Bonnie just know you have been instrumental in opening up a new world for me, and I thank you!  

 Wishing you all a weekend full of wonderous serendipity!!

Love, Kim


Anonymous said...

Maas nursery is the greatest place to go even if you don't buy anything lol! Love all the photos with the textures, I especially love the hummingbirds, and your 7 word challenge for Pixel Dust...Beautiful!!!!

Marcie said... the quote! And - even more - I love where your wanderings have taken you! Beautiful imagery!!

Janith said...

Your 'seven words' are energized by the image... or is the image energized by the words? Proves they're inexorably intertwined :-)

And I love the Cathy Johnson quote... off to explore that, thanks!

Silvina Soave said...

Preciosas capturas y hermosas texturas!! Muy buenas todas las imágenes!!.Un abrazo.

Ahayes1225 said...

Beautiful photos. I was hoping to get a hummingbird but I am afraid our season has passed. I did get a hummingbird clear wing which is a moth. I thought it was a hummingbird the way it moved. Thanks so much for visiting and your kinds comments.

Nicki said...

Delightful quote and photographic finds - love when the bee took off as well as the bird on a wire. Great!

Gracie O'Tripp said...

Hello fellow Houston Bay area resident. I love the bee photo, it gives such a feeling of flight. I have not been to Mass in a long time. I must take my camera and go soon.

Brenda said...

Thanks for sharing that quote - I had never read that one before. "I am on a quest, not a ramble". I am too often "on a quest" and need to ramble more. Beautiful images. Love your seven words.

Janet said...

OMG Kim...what stunning shots and what a perfect quote for the serendipity of coming upon a hummingbird and a bee who are so willing to pose for you! your texture work as well! Just stunning!

terriporter said...

Oh, Kim, every shot is more beautiful than the last! Such wonderful texture work too. I went back through them three times! Yes, there's something so great about being free to just wander and see what you find. You certainly found a lot on this trip! I can see why you love this place.

Anonymous said...

amazing shots. every single one. I have never caught sitting hummingbird on camera. I saw it once, though :)

I love the way you've used textures on your photos. they look wonderful.

Thank you for your wonderful and supporting comment on my post, by the way!

have a wonderful weekend!

helena said...

love your piece, the soaring bird is fabulous

PrairieJill said...

Beautiful images! I love them all!

Viv (modifica) said...

What fantastic photos especially Humming Bird....
Thanks for sharing your trip to your favourite place and your 7 word sentence... Creative liiving is what keeps me going ....

Currie Silver said...

utterly wondrous each one and the story you share.

I love your 7-word sentence and the photograph reveals the truth of your words amazingly.

and what is it anyway to BE completely happy with a result? isn't the point of art to BE creative, to apply ourselves wholly to a thing and love the process MORE than the product?! this is an inquiry I am often making into myself, especially Now as I am noticing the evolution of my art. It often happens BEtween my ears a thought about something I did a few years back, how "bad" it is and how "good" I thought it was, then...

what I am discovering is that making art, BEing the Artist who is ME, is a Journey, a wandering, and a lovely meandering way of Life.

again, oh my, your photographs and the words you share are divine...
I am so glad I popped on her to catch yours today.


Loredana Donovan said...

Love your sentence and image! Dreams do come true when we create freely ... the image is perfect for your words :)

Pieces of Sunshine said...

LOVE your Flower Art Friday photo, gorgeous!

Ida said...

Goodness I thought I had commented already but apparently not. - Sorry to be late.

This post is fabulous. Your Flower Art Friday is so pretty. I like the detail of the Clematis bloom and your texture choice was wonderful.

Your Photo Art Friday piece is amazing. What's not to love about that.

So happy to see the Hummingbird shots too.

Kathryn said...

Great post Kim and those hummingbird shots are to die for. With the house moving and all that it entailed I never managed to capture any hummingbirds through my lens this year. Thanks for the wonderful fix.

patty said...

beautiful work, both in the photography and in the editting... that last image is great. and i love the bee flying away, too-i just photographed a hornet who was hanging out on my door... for hours!!

thank you for linking up again! i so appreciate it... looks like numbers are building a little!

Bonnie said...

That is such an inspiring quote, Kim! You have found and shared so much beauty on your wanderings. I feel privileged to be able to view them.

Your sentence and image are breathtaking!

I always leave here inspired to become a better photographer and today ... an aware wanderer.

Kelly said...

I can use up a whole day shooting hummers! beautiful post Kim.

Liz said...

WOW!!! Did I say, WOW! Kim, these are wonderful. All great shots and great flower art with the textures.
That bee flight shot is wonderful - such lovely bokeh and the lavender in focus.
And the Hummingbird shots are wonderful!!
Such a delightful post in every way and I love your quotes!!
I'm sorry I've been a biut quiet in visiting. I have been incredibly overwhelmed with life & health issues. My blog & photography was once my solace... I need to reclaim that again!!
Thank you for brightening my day with your posts. xxoo

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