Friday, June 14, 2013

Random letters on Friday . . .

Dear life . . . can you slow down please, or at least spread the excitement.
I can't handle so much at one time, thanks!

{Photo Art Friday - dreamy}

Dear Mother Nature... can we talk? I think you should do something about all the critters who are eating my (your) Monarch caterpillars. Apparently the toxin isn't strong enough to keep away the lizards, the wasps and those nasty assasin bugs. Could you send a memo or something and tell them to leave them alone. There ARE plenty of other bugs they could eat. Thank you, sincerely Mother Nature's helper! xo

Dear sweet boy . . . I'm so sorry you continue to have one issue after another. No one should have to frequent a hospital as much as you have lately. But I was so very happy to hear that cardiology has given you a clean bill of health and their blessing to go back to strength and conditioning for football. Now, all we have to do is wait for hematology to do the same. I know you have a fire in your belly to get back to what you love, and I want nothing more than for you to do what you love to do, but I'm not going to lie it makes me a little nervous.

Dear sweet girl. . . . your dad and I are so proud of you, and watching you walk across the stage with your medal in honor of being a distinguished graduate made us even more proud, if that is possible. See, hard work really does pay off. I'm so thankful and blessed to have been given the privilege to be your mom. Okay, gotta stop now before I cry...again! xo

Dear San Antonio  . . . . I love you, your culture, rich history, and yes your food. No matter how many times I visit your Missions, I am always in awe. There is something so spiritual about standing where so many have stood through history, in the same structures on the same exact floors. Now that my daughter will be going to college here, I know we are going to become even more acquainted. As a history major and future teacher of the children of America, this couldn't be a better place for her.

Dear google maps phone app . . . you stink! You know I'm not very good at getting places and I really needed you and you let me down!

Dear kind soul at the Shell gas station . . . thank you so much for your wonderful directions to the San Jose Mission when I was completely lost! You are better than a phone app!!

Dear bloggy friends . . .  I know I haven't been around for several weeks, or visited you lately. Last Tuesday was our really long day at Texas Children's for my sweet boy. Wednesday, right before I was to watch my daughter receive her medal the doctor called with the results of the MRI on his legs we had the day before. It showed blood that was collecting in the compartments of his muscles in his calves and she sent us straight to the ER again. Thankfully she let us take him after the ceremony. He spent two days in the hospital and thankfully didn't need surgery to drain it. I picked them up on Friday afternoon and when we got home we were met by my in-laws who drove 1200 miles to watch our daughter graduate. Saturday morning we sat outside at our district stadium in the blazing Texas heat to watch almost 600 seniors graduate and then enjoyed a celebratory lunch in Galveston. 

Monday morning (of this week) my daughter and I drove to San Antonio, enjoyed the San Jose Mission, and a nice dinner. Tuesday we got up and I dropped her off at UTSA for her college orientation, I got lost, and then drove home (a 3 1/2 hour drive) but not before getting caught in a horrible storm. Wednesday my sweet boy made up the rest of his final exams that he missed on the last day of school, and yesterday I turned around and drove back to get the sweet girl. We stopped for lunch, to avoid another bad storm, picked up some yummy key lime pie donuts from Krispy Kreme (because we don't have any) and made our way back home. It was a nine hour driving day for me.

And here I am today, tired and exhausted and so discombobulated. Which is why I have decided to take a couple of weeks off to regroup and recharge and to relax. I need to get some things back in order that have fallen by the way side and I would really like to clean my jewelry studio so I can work in there again. AND I have a Monarch series that I keep promising that I need to finish (and several thousand photos to go through).

I will see you on the other side of a couple of weeks, okay?
(I'll still be posting on instagram at kimatpickingpoppies)

Until then...
Love, Kim XO

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