Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A Victorian Christmas Stroll

Every year, I look forward to  . . . 

"Dickens on The Strand" in Galveston.

For me, it's a photographers dream, to practice street photography where people
are not only dressed up, but where I don't have to feel like I'm stalking someone
while getting a hairy eyeball. They more than likely will want their photo taken.
It works for me . . . win, win!

And there just might have been a gazillion people, maybe the most I've ever seen.
Last year it was in the twenties, with a blustery wind, and the year before that I think we
were in shorts. This year, it was just right, although it was quite overcast and gray.

Since I'm linking up with Kathy's song-ography today I thought instead of writing
the lyrics, I would let you stroll to some music (if you like) to the song "Silver Bells"
and a little Bob Hope.


Let's take a stroll, shall we . . . .

First stop, a turkey leg....of course!

Or a corn dog.

A little pit stop,

to watch a Greek Gypsy sing while doing a scarf dance.
(I have no idea how this fits in with a Victorian Christmas, so just roll with it) :)


Nearly everywhere you turn there is entertainment, and it's fun to watch some of the same
kids grow from year to year both physically and musically.

Sometimes people are so moved that they break into dance...

This girl reminded me of a porcelain doll.

Perhaps she was amused by the fire eater?
(kids DO NOT try this at home, or anywhere for that matter)

I wonder if he realizes there were turkey legs and corn dogs just up the street?

I can never get enough of the costumes. I've always wanted to dress up, but the dress I saw and fell
in love with was over $500!

Sometimes, people will just stop when they see you have a camera and strike a pose.

This cutie, stole my heart and he was getting a lot of tips! I wonder
if he needs an agent next year? ;)

(KK happy heart)

And it wouldn't be Dickens on The Strand without the "Christmas Tree Lady"...
Joy to the world, she has real working lights!

Or Father Christmas, or Captain Sparrow. But, I never caught up with Father
Christmas, and I was having camera malfunctions through out the day and missed the
opportunity with Captain Sparrow. Yep, the dreaded ERR message on my only 5 month 
old camera which I thought I figured out, only to have issues again. May need to send it
to Nikon - BOO!!

(I still have more to share, including the "Queen's" parade, later in the week.)

I would tell you that my tree is finished, but that would be a lie. It's been up for quite some
time, but I just haven't brought myself to wrap those lights. The way I look at it is, we are still way ahead of last year when I got the tree done a day and a half before Christmas because I was sick. But...on the plus side we are for the most part finished with shopping. Two hours, and the hubby and I pretty much had things wrapped up (pun intended).

Unfortunately, my son ended up with the flu and missed school all last week, and then got an acute respiratory infection. Yep, I was a little more than nervous about that since his infusions suppress his immune system and we have to be extremely careful. But he was back at school yesterday, and the best part is we are well past the period that the rest of us could have gotten it. (quick knock on wood)

Now I'm off to make another batch of fudge since the last one was commandeered by ants.
Don't even get me started. We've tried everything and they are so small that they find a way
in the house every time. Hmmm, maybe I could lace some bait fudge with ex-lax? lol

Have a great day!
Love, Kim


kathyinozarks said...

Good morning, I love all the costumes too-what a neat festival, glad you had good weather for it.
ants-those are difficult to get rid of-good luck
Merry Christmas Kathy

Sheila said...

Wow! Your street photography is amazing! I especially love the images with the children playing the violins. It looks like a fun festival!

you-wee because said...

Beautiful impressions from an interesting festival, Kim.
And - hey - they sell Sauerkraut there... ;-)

Lisa Comperry said...

Thank you for sharing! I love seeing Dickens on the Strand from your perspective :-) Beautiful sights with perfect music to stroll by!

Nicki said...

Fantastic event to snap pictures and work on your street photography - little concerned about the fire eater (with.a.mic on) - oy! Great series and Bob Hope - those were the days.

Not sure what lens you were using, but I used to get the dreaded ERR code with my 50 when I accidentally knocked it into a different setting (will need to pull it out to be more specific - but apparently it was sensitive to range or something).

Hope all is on the 'healthy' front now at home and as for ants - we struggle with them at the beginning of summer and oddly fall - I have found bait traps help (and Raid).

Tamar SB said...

Great shots! Tons of holiday spirit there!

Hope Sam is on the mend and the ants stay away!!

Vicki Boster said...

Oh my--- simply amazing!! What a wonderful festival and celebration. Your photos are incredible--/ my favorites are the gypsy-- and that Christmas tree outfit!!

I'm sending you wishes for a wonderful holiday with your family and friends---

Dotti said...

Ahhh! The Strand. Such fond memories! :-D I loved your photos from last years Victorian party and I love these. The cloud cover creates a perfect light box. So glad your boy has improved.

diane said...

Great photos .... what a fun day that must have been.
There's something about the Victorian era that fascinates me! Especially at Christmastime.
diane @ thoughts and shots

Sharon said...

How festive! My favorite is the little guy with the violin -- so precious. The cloudy day gave you just the right amount of light, I think. Merry Christmas to you and your family (and a little prayer you will all enjoy good health this season).

Cathy H. said...

Wonderful festival! Love your photography!

EarlK said...

What a wonderful festival. Beautiful photography. Especially like the two women posing for the photo.

elizabeth said...

Great photos of what appears to be a really fun event!

Marilyn said...

Great photos of the "street party". I'm laughing about the ants. I always say we share our house with the ants. I don't mind as long as they stay in the walls….it's when they venture out into my living space that I get upset! LOL

Buckeroomama said...

This post was such a treat to walk through... the photos took me right there! I think I love the shot of the gypsy dancer most of all.

Kathy McB said...

WHOA! That last dress/costume is quite fabulous! These are the perfect events to take candids of people without fear of attack, haha. And you did a wonderful job. Thanks for joining in at Song-ography.

Rebecca said...

Oh I just love the three kids on the bench

Evelyn S. said...

What an event! I can't decide which are my favorites...but I love the ones of the boys from the back, the boy violinist, the dancing "gypsy," and on and on. This is when I wish I lived closer to a big city so I could experience these things.

chai-and-chardonnay.blogspot.com said...

So great to mix with people and to have the opportunity to get some awesome pictures! I fell in love with the little violin payer -so very cute!

Brenda said...

I remember this from last year - what a wonderful holiday tradition - so beautifully captured in all its splendor. Good luck with the fudge!

Gail Dixon said...

These are marvelous photos of Dickens on The Strand. The children on the bench, musicians, fire eater, and Christmas Tree Lady are standouts for me.

Hope you all stay well and have a very Blessed Christmas!

Life Images by Jill said...

oh wow - what a wonderful event to take photos. Love it! Don't you just love those period costumes. They make me think of a much gentler time. As for the gypsy dancer - I guess gypsies were around in Victorian times too!
Sorry to hear about your son's illness right before Christmas. And hey, if your tree lights don't go up - don't stress!
Have a wonderful week. I have enjoyed visiting you today from Wednesday Around the World at Communal Global.

Mitzi Rice said...

Oh Kim...I have never been to Galveston...and how sad I am so close, yet have never been. One day...I may just jump in my my trusty mode of transport & take off & spend a few days out there. But maybe when it warms up a little ;-) Lovely photos!!!

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