Thursday, March 12, 2015

Because it's the little things . . .

. . . and because it's Thursday!

"Little things seem nothing,
but they give peace,
like those meadow flowers which
individually seem odorless
but all together perfume the air."

- Georges Bernanos

Little things like this add up to Spring,

Spring means there is a break from school,

and when both your kids get the same Spring break

it's a little miracle of sorts. 

Especially when one is in college and one is in high school.

So, next week I will be celebrating this alignment with them.

The little things, maybe some big things, maybe we'll even

take some things to new heights.

Games, laughter, maybe we'll try something new.

Being together as a family of four again will be just fine too!

I hope you have a great rest of the week, plus one more.

And I hope that Spring will be a little closer to being sprung

for those of you still waiting!

Love, Kim


Tamar SB said...

Yay for their breaks aligning! Hope you all have a great time!

Nancy said...

The older the "kids" get, the sweeter it is when you are able to do things together with them. :)

Lisa Comperry said...

I agree, the older the kids are, the harder it is for everyone in the family to be free at the same time for get togethers...Have a fun spring break :-))

carol l mckenna said...

Beautiful photography ~ very 'Zen' and love the little things of life ~

Happy Weekend to you,
artmusedog and carol

carol l mckenna said...

Beautiful photography ~ very 'Zen' and love the little things of life ~

Happy Weekend to you,
artmusedog and carol

Adrienne said...

Ah yes...sigh. The four all together in one place at one time. It matters and it's wonderful!! Enjoy each and every second - especially those 'normal' in-between moments that add up to home and comfort and family! Hugs!

Janet Bocciardi said...

Spring Spring Spring! Enjoy!

btw, love your new pink poppy banner!

Barbara Lilian said...

'Little things mean a lot'... that's a line in a song isn't it ? Being together as a family is so precious so enjoy every minute. happy Springtime

Kim said...

I'm so excited for your upcoming family time! I know you must drink in every moment, and these little things are huge things!

Michelle said...

Have fun celebrating!

Linda R said...

Sounds like you have some good times ahead.. Love your photo my friend.


Dotti said...

You'll have a grand time, something you'll all remember for a long time.

June Caedmon said...

How wonderful, Kim! I'm so glad that's working out! Thank you for the quote - it's perfect! Have a blessed week!

June Caedmon said...

Oops, I forgot to mention - I added your blog on Jolene Underwoods link up #BlogItForward I tweeted about it, but couldn't find you on twitter. Just wanted you to know you are a blogger who inspires!

Jas said...

Such a sweet message. Yes, it is all in little things...Thanks for linking up at Thursday Favorite Things, can't wait to see what you'll share next week!

Evelyn S. said...

I'm sure I haven't commented on the fabulous poppy images now gracing your blog header! Love them! As for "aligned" spring breaks...isn't it wonderful? Some days, I long for those days--the ones when my boys had spring breaks. (Actually, I think they might long for such days, too!) Enjoy that wonderful time.

Brenda said...

Enjoy this time as a family foursome!

Cathy said...

Enjoy! As they get older it is so hard to get everyone together

heather gilmour said...

Happy spring! It's great to have all the the family together.

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