Monday, October 10, 2011

Friday Night Lights . . .

My daughter thought it would be fun to do a football post of her high school team, the Clear Springs
Chargers. It was only fitting that I asked her if she would do the honors of giving you the introduction.

So,  here I give to you
the biggest fan of Charger football, Chloe Stevens:

 It all started in the fall of 2009, the third school year of Clear Springs High School. It was the 2nd varsity year for the football team, and the first year they had seniors. Going into the season, there were low expectations for success. But then, they started to win. They ended the regular season as 8-2 District Champions and ended up going 4 rounds deep in playoffs, ending their season in the Quarterfinals. With their taste of success, the drive to be State Champions began. The next season started with high hopes and expectations of a long playoff run and (hopefully) making it to the state championship game. The fourth game in the season, the first game of district play, was against Pearland High School. It was a back and forth battle, but the Oilers came out on top, scoring in the last seconds to make it 40-38. It was both thrilling and heartbreaking, to have come so close. That game determined the District champions, with us falling into 2nd place. Pearland went on to become 5A Division I State Champions, and we went on to lose in the first playoff game. It was shocking and heartbreaking - no one had expected us to fall in the first round. Both the players and the fans were heartbroken. But soon enough, we again looked to the next season.

With very few returning starters, this season has been a real rebuilding year - or as Coach Hartman likes to say, "reloading." We started the season with hope that we would pull it together. But by the end of that first game, some lost faith in them. They went on to lose their next two games as well, but not without showing tremendous improvement from each game to the next. Finally, the first district game - again against Pearland - came. If there was any time to redeem ourselves, this was it. They fought through the game, which was tied for most of it. Fans were wild, all standing and all chanting. The students stood at the rails, jumping up and down as we defied the odds and came up from below to win 31-24, beating Pearland at their home stadium for the first time since 2006 (their stands fell silent). The joy wasn't just in the eyes of the team and the coaches, but in the eyes of all of Charger Nation. We all joined together - one school, one team, one people, one nation. We hugged strangers and shook the hands of the players over the railing. Brotherhood, redemption and pride pumped through the veins of us all. We now stand at 3-3, with a fate ahead of us that will hopefully be decided in the middle of December.

Thank you Chloe! And by the middle of December she means hopefully at the state Championship!!

The "Silverados", our drill team . . . about to welcome our boys to the playing field.

Our fabulous mascot!

Our boys don't storm the field as most teams do, but come out of the tunnel arm in arm in unity!

And then they make their way to the end zone for prayer and reflection, and they are the
only team so far to show their support for breast cancer awareness  . . . tough guys really do wear pink!


INAM on the helmets - It's Not About Me

And as coach Hartman says, "Let's play ball"!

Going into half time we were behind by 7 points.

But, he found holes, broke tackles and ran 75 yards on the kickoff return to tie the game!

And then later Pearland punted the ball to the one yard line and our offense drove the ball an incredible
99 yards, scoring the one yard touchdown to take the lead with 30 seconds to go in the game.

The crowd and players roared with excitement . . .

Once again they show their unity as a team as we prepare for the kick off return to Pearland.
Every player arm in arm down the sidelines. . . and less than 30 seconds remain in the game.

Victory is ours!

The fans lined up to get a high five from the players.


And the spirit award goes to . . . .

Yes, we have the greatest fans of all! People from our community, young and old, those with children and those with empty nests come to watch our Chargers. Every week we pack our stands, and gather to give support to a team with character, and with incredible spirit of sportsmanship. This team had a rough start to this season but it's in their failures that they found their strength. It's their hard work, perseverance and dedication to each other that brings unity, that makes them a team. We also see this in our Charger community and although going into this game we were pre-district 0-3 we packed our stands anyway because the Charger Nation doesn't leave its wing man!!

Yes, we Chargers have spirit yes we do, we have spirit how 'bout you?

Have a fabulous Monday!

Love, Kim


Kathy said...

Okay SERIOUSLY??!!??? You've NEVER seen "Friday Night Lights"???? You really need to sit down and watch it. Altho, perhaps you don't because it looks like you are living it. I so enjoyed reading your daughter's narrative. And Kim!!! I THOUGHT your praying photo was my fav but now that I see that capture of the team coming onto the field thru the dust and sunrays...I think I am tied for my favs of yours! That is an AMAZING capture! I hope the team has you documenting their season for them in some sort of official capacity because NO ONE could do it better. Go Chargers!


TesoriTrovati said...

So awesome! Miss Chloe should be writing for the school newspaper for sure! We had our Homecoming last weekend and won, with a team that was not doing so well this year. I wasn't there, but I heard that there was a really bad injury, a player on our team broke his leg, and I mean BROKE it. These pictures are great. You and your daughter make a great team (no pun intended) for documenting and sharing the story.
Enjoy the day!

Marvett Smith said...

I've never seen Friday Night Lights either! Guess we better get on that! Awesome images Kim. I love every one of them. Feel like I was there myself!

Nicolasa @ {My}Perspective said...

I LOVE all of this. I wish football was bigger around New England. We love it, but it just isn't at the level it is in other places around the US!

deb duty said...

This was such a fun post and your daughter is a fabulous writer! I love football too, but unfortunately my boys go to a small private school so there's no football. We do enjoy our college football on Saturdays though! You really did a great job capturing pics from your Friday night too!

Rosemary Aubut said...

Great post! Enjoyed viewing all of your photos!

Anonymous said...

Loved this, Kim--we love football around here! I loved the narrative too-well done:) ok... All your shots were crisp and so clear-I am struggling with football pictures under the lights-I would love to know your settings and what lens you used-maybe my WB is off-ugh, I have tried everything--

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